Culture, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

When Doulas Use Equity as Their Secret Sauce, You Have A Recipe for Life
(1.5 CH), Discuss inequities in healthcare based on social identities such as race, immigration status, and class.
Racial Equity and Inequities in Birthwork
(2 CH), The Racial Equity and Inequities in Birthwork course offered by DONA International is a journey into the intersection of race, equity, and the history of childbirth. This program delves deep into the historical, systemic, and cultural factors that influence birth outcomes for marginalized communities.
Black Maternal Health: How Can DONA Doulas Make A Difference?
(1.5 CH), DONA doulas have a chat with Midwife Jennie Joseph about Black Maternal Health and actionable ways that doulas can make a difference.
And Then She Was Gone… with Charles Johnson
(1 CH), And then she was gone, a panel discussion with DONA doulas and Charles Johnson who has suffered an unimaginable tragedy that strikes too many families; the tragic loss of his spouse just after childbirth. Since Kira's premature death, Charles has made it his life’s mission to save others from the same fate and shares his story and thoughts on the role of the doula in this profound session.
Enabling Impact through Cultural Fluency
(1 CH), Cultural fluency allows for doulas to work integratively with clients of diverse backgrounds. Through this session, Dr. Ashraf will take us through the journey of understanding cultural awareness, cultural skills, and cultural understanding so that we can provide the best support for all in our care.
Exploring the Self: A Doula's Guide to Discussing Race, Gender and Privilege in Birth and Postpartum Work
(1 CH), Doulas serve a diverse population with a multitude of life experiences. Understanding the role that race, sex, and gender in birth as well as how thse identities intersect will provide doulas with the resources to become stronger, more conscious providers by fostering a deeper appreciation of the different realities that clients bring with them to birth and the postpartum period.