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2024 DONA Summit- Save the Date
Save the Date for this year's 2024 Virtual Summit! Registration is now open. The live online conference will be held on October 28-29th, 2024. All sessions will be available for 60 days post-conference. To register visit
And Then She Was Gone… with Charles Johnson
(1 CH), And then she was gone, a panel discussion with DONA doulas and Charles Johnson who has suffered an unimaginable tragedy that strikes too many families; the tragic loss of his spouse just after childbirth. Since Kira's premature death, Charles has made it his life’s mission to save others from the same fate and shares his story and thoughts on the role of the doula in this profound session.
Black Maternal Health: How Can DONA Doulas Make A Difference?
(1.5 CH), DONA doulas have a chat with Midwife Jennie Joseph about Black Maternal Health and actionable ways that doulas can make a difference.
Business Bundle For Doulas
3.5(CH), Level up your business skills with these three doula business sessions. In this discounted bundle, doulas will gain access to all three sessions, on-demand. -Designing a Successful Brand with Tiffany Tolliver -Successful Ways to Manage Your Doula Business with Stefanie Antunes -Hero or Guide? Level Up Your Website by Centering Your Clients with Sarah Juliusson
Can We Get Along with Obstetricians?
(1 CH), In this session, Dr. Ebere Azumah, OBGYN will speak to the physician/doula relationship and tangible ways to strengthen it for the betterment of the family.
DEI Bundle For Doulas
3.5(CH), In this three-session bundle, doulas will have the opportunity to explore topics to learn and grow through the topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Sessions include: -Black Maternal Health: How Can DONA Doulas Make A Difference? -Postpartum Cultural Traditions; The Doulas Role in Cultural Safety -The Making The Mothers of Gynecology, A Casual Conversation With The Artist
Designing a Successful Brand
(1 CH), In this session, brand specialist Tiffany Tolliver takes us through the process of identifying the foundational process of developing your brand. It's more than just logos and colors!
Digging Deeper - Tactful Ways to Ask Good Questions
(1.5 CH), Communication skills are an essential part of a positive doula-client relationship and in this session, we'll explore how to enhance the doula's communication skills through asking the right questions. Doulas who create space for clients to openly share can better build connections that will impact the birth and postpartum experience for all.
Diseñando una marca exitosa (Subtítulos en español)
(1 CH), Desarrolla una comprensión más profunda de la marca.
DONA Town Hall: Count the Kicks
(1 CH), Free for Members, DONA Town Hall: A conversation between DONA International and Count for Kicks Leaders
DONA Town Hall: International Childbirth Initiative & The Role of the Doula
(1.5 CH), Free for Members, DONA Town Hall: A conversation between DONA International and the International Childbirth Initiative Leaders
Doulas and Surro-births: How Doulas Can Support the Surrogacy Process
(1 CH), The surrogacy process brings unique considerations for birthing people and doulas. In this session, we'll explore some of the most common experiences and answer some of the most burning questions to help doulas support their surrogacy clients even better.
Enabling Impact through Cultural Fluency
(1 CH), Cultural fluency allows for doulas to work integratively with clients of diverse backgrounds. Through this session, Dr. Ashraf will take us through the journey of understanding cultural awareness, cultural skills, and cultural understanding so that we can provide the best support for all in our care.
Epigenetics and the Microbiome
(1 CH) Epigenetics and the microbiome- important influences on infant health
Ethical Dilemma of Recreational Marijuana Use for Breastfeeding and Pregnant People
(1 CH), In this session, Dr. Frank Nice will evaluate the use of marijuana in pregnancy and breastfeeding and discuss ethical and legal concerns regarding its use while pregnant and lactating.
Everyone Wants to Hold the Baby, Who Will Hold the Mother?® Perinatal Mood Disorders and Infant Feeding Choices
(1 CH), The session will contribute to the understanding of why perinatal mental health is a public health imperative, and recognize the continuum of perinatal mood disorders and how they affect the perinatal family.
Exploring the Self: A Doula's Guide to Discussing Race, Gender and Privilege in Birth and Postpartum Work
(1 CH), Doulas serve a diverse population with a multitude of life experiences. Understanding the role that race, sex, and gender in birth as well as how thse identities intersect will provide doulas with the resources to become stronger, more conscious providers by fostering a deeper appreciation of the different realities that clients bring with them to birth and the postpartum period.
Finding Our Way in a System Not Built for Us: Staying With the Trouble in a Community Doula Program
(1 CH) Recent research indicates that community-based doula care can reduce health inequities, particularly when culturally and linguistically matched. Doulas also play a crucial role in improving the birthing experience, especially for marginalized communities. This presentation by Dr. Melissa Cheney examines findings from a multimodal ethnography of a Community Doula Program (CDP) in Oregon.
From Ideation to Action – Launching Your Venture
(1 CH), Do you have a great idea that you want to see come to life? From a new doula business to something new in your existing practice, from idea to action is for you! In this session we'll map out a strategy to move forward by cultivating connections with the community and yourself.
Hero or Guide? Level Up Your Website by Centering Your Clients
(1.5 CH), Does your website communicate to your target market and help you build your clientele? In this session, level up your website to better connect with potential and existing clients!
Lactation Basics for Doulas
(3 CH), This introductory lactation course takes the doula through the basics of human lactation anatomy and physiology, barriers and benefits, and application. This course is approved for DONA International certification.
Mastering the Doula’s Advocacy Role
(.75 CH), In this session, doula Kim James will discuss how mastering the doula's advocacy role can make a long-term impact on clients. By honing in on the doula's communication skills and developing empathy doulas can take their advocacy up to the next level.
Postpartum Cultural Traditions; The Doulas Role in Cultural Safety
1(CH), In this session, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Ibu Robin Lim explore the significance of postpartum healing rituals across cultures, emphasizing their role in providing cultural safety and honoring diverse beliefs. Debra and Robin will emphasize the pivotal role of doulas in fostering cultural humility and ensuring the well-being of clients and their families.
Postpartum Mood Disorders: How to Build Your Client’s Postpartum Resiliency
(1 CH) One in seven birthing people experience postpartum mood disorders and doulas are in a unique position to help clients prepare for the postpartum time period and to foster postpartum mood resiliency.
Racial Equity and Inequities in Birthwork
(2 CH), The Racial Equity and Inequities in Birthwork course offered by DONA International is a journey into the intersection of race, equity, and the history of childbirth. This program delves deep into the historical, systemic, and cultural factors that influence birth outcomes for marginalized communities.
Research and Initiatives to Reduce the Rate of Stillbirth
(1 CH), Every year in the US, 22000 babies are stillborn. This session addresses important details for doulas about stillbirth rates, initiatives, and barriers to improving newborn outcomes.
Significance of Childbirth to the Birthing Person and Family
(1 CH), In this session, Penny Simkin takes us through a review of the research around how people are impacted by the childbirth experience. She dives into factors that make a difference including details on the impact of how the birthing person is treated by healthcare providers, doulas, and others in the birthing experience.
Strengthening Support for Families Impacted by Substance Use Disorders: Doulas are Vital
(1.5 CH) Substance use disorders (SUDs) are connected to higher maternal mortality rates and risks for maternal/fetal complications. Doulas can provide needed support, education, and referrals for persons seeking evaluation of perinatal substance use.
Successful Ways to Manage Your Doula Business
(1 CH), A doula business has unique needs and in this session, we'll review strategies and tips for starting and managing a successful doula business.
The Best Start: Strategies to Reduce Early Feeding Problems
(1.5 CH), In this session, we'll explore early lactation, positions, and best strategies to reduce the 3 most common early nursing problems.
The Making The Mothers of Gynecology, A Casual Conversation With The Artist
1(CH), The Mothers of Gynecology is a thought-provoking work of art to elevate the roles of enslaved people, Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey in the 1840s. This casual conversation with the monument artist explores her experience in creating the monument as well as things she learned along the way.
When Doulas Use Equity as Their Secret Sauce, You Have A Recipe for Life
(1.5 CH), Discuss inequities in healthcare based on social identities such as race, immigration status, and class.